Giving the Perfect Gift from Start to Finish

Behind the Scenes of One Perfect Gift

Got an event or gifting occasion coming up? Poppy's got you covered with One Perfect Gift. Check out what makes our signature gifting service easy and convenient, helping you save time on a thoughtful gift.

Step 1 - Fill out our questionnaire 

We'll email you a questionnaire and you can complete it at your convenience. Your answers will help us gather key details about your gift recipient, ensuring that we're keeping thoughtfulness top of mind and making the experience convenient for you. 

Step 2 - Receive your curated gift catalog

We'll organize curated gift options that celebrate the recipient and speak to their personal taste. We take your input, price range, and our expertise into account so you can take your pick from our recommendations!


Step 3 - We'll handle the rest 

Leave the packing, wrapping, and shipping to us. Our custom wrapping paper and hours of bow tying practice are sure to catch any recipient's eye.

With some quick questions and thoughtful curation, in just two weeks—we'll find just the right gift for your special occasion. Purchase a One Perfect Gift service to get started!