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Curated recommendations tailored to your recipient–saving you time and overwhelm, without losing the personal touch.

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From elegant client gifts to custom wedding favors, branded promotional items to influencer samples—plans that help transform your vision into reality at scale, and leave a lasting impression.

We’re Peggy & Willa

We specialize in bringing thoughtfulness and care to every occasion, and curate gift selections for all of life’s celebrations—from life milestones to client gratitude. Our innate attention to detail and commitment to meaningful items makes every gifting experience memorable and unique.

Gift giving has the power to spark joy and ignite conversation, but it has become a bit of a lost etiquette. We found that ready-made boxes feel impersonal, and big-box retailers don’t feel special. So we started Poppy to revive the art of gifting with an intentional touch.

 Let us help you spread joy, one thoughtful gift at a time.

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The Magic in Gifting

Every gift tells a story, make it a memorable one.

Gifts foster connection–they celebrate, honor, and appreciate. They tell stories, hold memories, and mark new chapters. Gifts have the power to touch our souls with the deepest admiration.

We believe there’s an art to selecting the perfect gift and a joy in relishing thoughtfulness.

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