Poppy in Bloom: Gifting Thoughtfully at Scale

Poppy in Bloom

Gifting Thoughtfully at Scale with Levi's 

As an executive assistant at Levi Strauss & Co., Geoff is often working round the clock. When he was tasked with finding thoughtful gifts for his colleagues he knew that working with Poppy would grant more time for him to focus on other pressing work on his plate!

Read on to learn more about Geoff's experience with Poppy's Curated Corporate & Event Gifting service:  

We'd first love to hear about your experience, from completing the questionnaire to catalog to gift delivery, what did you think of the process?

The initial process was so simple yet thoughtful. The prompts made it easy for me to give personal background on the gift recipients which informed a very personalized gift catalogue. It was like having a personal Barney’s shopper (R.I.P.)! I was honestly amazed at how quickly Poppy hit the mark on every gift. Poppy even went the extra mile, quite literally, by driving the extra mile to source local and unique gifts as well as hand delivering certain items.

Did Poppy’s catalog of curated gift recommendations hit the mark? Were each recipient’s qualities represented in the recommendations?

The catalog was exactly what I wanted, when there was an opportunity to fine-tune a specific gift item, Poppy immediately adjusted to the perfect choice. One gift recipient remarked that their item was absolutely, “them."

Between the sentiment you were hoping to convey and your desire to highlight small and BIPOC-owned businesses, how did your gifting vision come to life?

Poppy absolutely helped bring my gifting vision fruition, from beautiful sustainably produced, women and BIPOC-owned businesses to local, small-batch Napa Valley gift totes. Asking Poppy to curate my gifts relieved me from the stress of researching and sourcing the gifts myself while still making me feel that I was central to the process.

Gifting is our passion and we are always eager to hear what resonates with our clients! How did your team enjoy their gifts?

I have seen my team-mates using their gifts on zoom calls and when traveling, I think that’s the best indication that they loved their gifts.

We know you’ve often managed team gifting in the past, how did Poppy stand out?

Poppy’s concierge service was the gift I didn’t know that I wanted. Poppy enabled me to gift unique items tailored to each person, in the past I would not have had the time to do this. The packaging, shipping and care taken with each delivery was beyond what I would have been able to do.

On top of gift selection and procurement, gift wrap and packing can be a cumbersome task for a party of one—which is why our commitment to detail and delivery is a strong pillar of our business! Tell us about the value of the end-to-end logistics that we provided.

First, you should know, despite my best efforts, I am terrible at wrapping gifts, especially to prepare them for shipping. Poppy’s end-to-end logistics meant that once I selected the gifts and wrote the gift messages, I didn’t have to worry about a thing. I just had to wait for the appreciative “thank you” notes to roll in.

The hustle and bustle of the holidays is especially felt in the retail industry! Were you able to better enjoy the holiday season knowing Poppy was tasked to alleviate you of this responsibility?

100%, yes! While giving gifts to co-workers is a pleasure, finding time to shop, package and ship everything during one of our busiest seasons can add a lot of pressure, especially during the pandemic. Trusting Poppy to handle everything is literally a lifesaver.

We love repeat customers! What about your collaboration with Poppy during the 2020 holidays made you want to work with us again for your team’s summer of 2021 offsite?

Every gift Poppy helped me source was something I myself would have loved to have received. I was impressed with the quality of the gifts, the thoughtful packaging and the white glove service. I was in a pinch, needing to pull something together in short notice. I knew I would not find what I had in mind for my offsite using any other service. Poppy, once again stepped up and delivered. 

We’d love to hear about what made the offsite favors special! How were they different from your holiday gifts and which aspects of Poppy’s services were most valuable in bringing them to life? 

Poppy was able to incorporate our company tote bags to give a personal touch to the favors. Each item they meticulously selected was uniquely a cult classic to anyone familiar to Napa Valley. A few of my co-workers sent photos of half-eaten packages of shortbread cookies from their hotel rooms before the offsite even begun.

Interested in learning more about our group gifting capabilities? Click here to learn more or drop us a line at hello@poppygifting.com.