Poppy in Bloom: Gifting for the Big Day

Poppy in Bloom

Gifting for the Big Day

Meet Shannon, a longtime friend of Poppy's who recently celebrated her dream wedding in Bellingham, Washington. With a handful of festive and special events ahead of their nuptials, Shannon and husband-to-be Mark were looking to have one thing taken off of their growing wedding to-do list⎯gifts! That's when Shannon turned to Poppy Gifting to deliver unique and fun bachelorette favors as well as scrumptious welcome party bags.

Her vision was clear and we had so much fun helping her bring it to life! Continue reading to hear all about Shannon and Mark's big day, how they tackled wedding to-do's and all of the celebrations along the way!

First of all, congratulations on your marriage and gorgeous wedding! We loved seeing the photos and exceptionally thoughtful details. Do you wish you could relive that weekend over again?  

Thank you, and one million times over! It goes by so fast, and as much as we tried to be present and in the moment, it just flies. 


Planning a wedding can be an exciting but overwhelming time. What was your strategy in enlisting various vendors and specialists and how impactful was Poppy Gifting's help in relieving some of the duties in preparation for you big day?   

I am a planner, I enjoy spreadsheets, looking forward and creating a vision. But man, there are a lot of decisions that go into a wedding! It really was my second job for a while, and that was even with the help of an amazing wedding planner. Poppy Gifting was critical for stepping in and helping with building meaningful gifts for people that I really wanted to show appreciation for but didn't have the time or mental capacity to pull something great together.  

With two chic and very different bachelorettes on the calendar, how did Poppy manage in curating gifts specific to each event?

Having wedding festivities during COVID, it was important to keep things as safe as possible- which meant keeping groups limited. Lucky for me that translated into two separate bachelorette events at two very different locations. Poppy was able to curate the perfect gifting bundles for my girlfriends to highlight each location and activities we were doing. 

La Dolce Vita! We just love a theme, especially when it comes to charming Positano. How did the presentation of the welcome gift bags work with your decor and vision? 

The welcome gift bags were one of the final details we needed to get ironed out in the planning process, and by that point I was pretty burnt out on being creative. I had shared our vision board for the welcome party with Poppy and they were really able to run with it and come up with so many great options, with every detail down to the presentation of the presents. The display of the presents was such a fun addition to the party and a great way to welcome guests to the weekend! 


How did the theme and location of your wedding and events translate to the gifts your guests received?

Looking back, all the events were very inspired by their locations - which were all very unique in their own rights, varying from the mountains of aspen, to the Santa Barbara wine country, to an Italian restaurant and Bridgerton-esque English manner. Poppy Gifting always did a great job of incorporating all the special elements of each place in regards to the gift.

How were you introduced to Poppy Gifting and what made you consider using Poppy for your wedding related event gifting?

On top of planning the wedding, I had a lot of changes going on in my personal life, along with the added stresses and constant changes of COVID. I knew from the beginning I would not be able to do everything but did not want something so important as showing the people I value most in my life the gratitude I have for them to fall by the wayside. I knew I would be able to count on Poppy to come up with unique and thoughtful gifts, without the stress of coming up with ideas on my own.

Did you have a vision for the gifts or the sentiment that you wanted to convey with bachelorette attendees and wedding guests and how did this come to life in your collaboration with Poppy Gifting?

For all the gifts it was really important to have items that the recipients would actually use. I did not want to give a gift, just to check a box off a to-do list. The bachelorette gifts were really fun because we curated gift bundles of items of us to use while on the trips. The Santa Barabara packages had cute sarongs and drink tumblers for the pool while the Aspen packages were filled with cute pouches from St. Frank that held self-care items for a fun night in. We tried to blend items that would be used but also had a bit of my (/our) personality infused.  

Did you find the Poppy Gifting’s processes to be simple and effective (i.e. completing the questionnaire, selecting gifts from your custom Gift Catalog, etc.) and were you able to enjoy the gifting experience?

The whole experience was great - I enjoyed working with Peggy and Willa so much and always looked forward to our calls. My favorite elements were the custom gift catalogs - they had so many great ideas, it was truly hard to not choose them all!

Your wedding was the perfect opportunity to reunite with friends and family after this past stressful year! Do you believe that Poppy Gifting’s services made your guests feel welcome and added to the atmosphere of your big day?

So much so! Not only was everyone just grateful to be together once again after being isolated for so long, but the gifts made them feel appreciated and special! 

Gifting is our passion and we are always eager to hear what resonates with our clients and friends! What was to be the most thoughtful and/or creative wedding gift that you received?

Oh, good question! Most thoughtful gift - we received two gifts of elements made from our invitations. My sister took one of the flowers from the event, pressed it and framed it using the invitation print as a background. Another special gift was someone made a Christmas ornament out of our invitations.

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