A Very Poppy Holiday: Q & A with Our Friends at Social Settings + A Giveaway!

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The Poppy Party, a curated holiday tablescape!

In partnership with our friends at Social Settings, we're bringing the wow factor to this year's holiday tablescape. 

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As curators of thoughtful gifts and tables with style, Poppy Gifting and Social Settings share a mission for helping others create special moments that foster memories. 

We sat down with the ladies behind Social Settings to learn more about the specialty of their services! 

We have such an appreciation for a fellow women-led business! Can you tell us about your transition to business owners and what that path has been like?

While working together at an interior design firm/store, Heather and I bonded over the love of entertaining and a passion to create meaningful moments. After the pandemic closed the doors to the design firm, we decided to take a leap of faith and launch a rental service that catered to effortless entertaining that was accessible to anyone, no matter their zip code. The pandemic taught us many things and most importantly it was the need to gather family and friends in a social setting and celebrate life!

Your appreciation for a “social setting” is wonderful! How does your service help your clients enhance the event look & feel and overall social engagement?

To us, there is nothing better to gather friends and family around a table creating wonderful memories. We wanted a service to help modernize any kind of entertaining, with both ease and beauty, and thus Social Settings was born.

What is your favorite occasion or holiday to build a table setting for?

While we love to scheme for holiday settings, our favorite is just the everyday dinner party or creative outing, like the “party on the pier” that one of our clients set up for her girlfriends. When you take the time to set a beautiful table, it shows your guests how much you value and cherish them.


Who are your favorite “social setting” dinner guests?

Let’s be honest...we love any party but our favorites are intimate gatherings with family and friends!

When designing a tablescape, do you tend to lean traditional or take a modern and sometimes trendy approach?

We love to mix both aesthetics. With renting, you are able to mix things up and maybe try a look that is fresh and new.

When it comes to tabletop decor, what are your thoughts on minimalism vs. maximalism when it comes to tabletop decor?

While we appreciate the sleek and simple feel of minimalism, we tend to embrace more of a maximalistic approach. We love it when a table tells a story through color, texture and accents. Incorporating items around the house to add personality and layering.

How do you want your guests to feel when they are sitting around the table? And what do you want them to remember when they depart?

We hope they feel love!! To us a table truly sets the atmosphere for the occasion, and when the night is over we want our guests to feel special. Going that extra mile is our love language that hopefully reinforces that feeling.

The holiday season must be one of your busiest times of the year! How do your social settings help bring the holidays to life?

The holidays can be hectic, as we all know. Social Settings is there to help create a beautiful tablescape without the hassle of having to source, invest and clean all the items in order to achieve your vision.

What is your go-to tablescape look this holiday?

While we love a traditional table, we also love an unexpected twist on the traditional. The Poppy curated holiday tablescape is the perfect example of using traditional colorways with mixing unexpected patterns in a fun and elegant way. Have fun with your table!

We know firsthand that table settings have the power to set the tone for an event! What has made your service particularly special for clients?

We have received such amazing notes from clients, saying how wonderful and EASY it was for them to entertain in style..and how many comments they received from their guests on how beautiful and special the occasion was. That just makes our hearts sing and is exactly what we hope to provide!

Can you tell us about a favorite or particularly festive tablescape from a past client project?

Well one that would definitely make the top of the list would have to be our very first event that launched Social Settings. Not only was it held in the magical setting of Blackberry Farm, but seeing the jaws drop first hand from the attendees was just beyond satisfying. It punctuated exactly the reason we started Social Settings...to create amazing memories and celebrate life’s moments with those we love!

As a parting note, what are your best tips for those curating a festive tablescape and settings for an upcoming special occasion or holiday?

Don’t strive for perfection but have fun!! We always suggest starting with a color scheme and building off of that. Don’t be fearful of going out of the box. Mix and patch patterns and textures and add any unique collectibles you have around the house such as fun objects or ornaments to make it personal. Don’t get overwhelmed by florals, use store bought flowers, fruit or potted plants/herbs/topiaries and drop them in a cute bowl or basket...and if you still need help...reach out to Social Settings and we can help!!!