Meet the Maker: Carson Meyer of C & The Moon

Carson Meyer, of C & The Moon

With a conscious outlook on what we put in and on our bodies, Carson was inspired to create a line of environmentally considerate products including The Malibu Made Body Scrub—featured in A Postpartum Kit.

Her passion for environmental health coupled with her background as a birth doula fuel her position as a champion for the delicate ecosystem that is the human body.

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Carson's Notes on Becoming a Doula, Creating C & The Moon & Gifting

What led to your work of supporting pregnant people as a doula?

The first time I ever saw footage of unscripted birth was in the documentary “The Business of Being Born”. I watched it as at New York University and I was completely overwhelmed with emotion. Up until that moment I had only been exposed to Hollywood’s terrifying portrayal of birth that always seemed to take the power away from the woman and put it into the hands of a doctor.

I met a midwife in 2016 and was enamored by her work. She inspired me to take a doula training course at Bini Birth. I have been supporting parents through pregnancy, birth and postpartum ever since! 

Can you speak more to the importance of supporting postpartum people?

When a mother gives birth she gives birth to a new life and a new mother. There is such a profound physical and emotional transformation that takes place after birth. Postpartum Support and nourishment is crucial for a mothers physical and mental health. 

A well supported mother is the greatest gift you can give a new baby. 

How did your background inspire the creation of C & The Moon?

C & The Moon was greatly inspired by my work as a doula and passion for environmental health. I wanted a product that not only makes people feel good, but one that steers clear of hormone disrupting chemicals that can cause harm to our bodies and the environment.

Working with mothers and babies, I get to witness the incredible wisdom of the skin and how readily it absorbs information from the environment around us–for better or for worse. 

Why is the scrub a perfect postpartum gift?

It can be hard for new moms to find time for self care.  I love the idea of The Malibu Made Body Scrub being a part of a simple relaxing ritual that reminds mamas (and all of us) to connect with our bodies and nurture ourselves as we would a baby. Plus skin plays a huge role in detoxification and nervous system rebalancing after birth. 

Do you have any favorite or go-to gifts for loved ones?

In addition to The Malibu Made Body Scrub, I love to give a great book, Jennifer Meyer Jewelry or a massage!


We loved working with Akin to design a special way to gift postpartum people and learn more about perinatal health. 
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