Meet the Maker: Caroline Rossiter & Courtney Reiman of Akin

Caroline Rossiter & Courtney Reiman, of Akin

Pregnant and postpartum people deserve to be taken care of during this life-altering chapter in life. In appreciation, we've partnered with Caroline and Courtney, of Akin, to design A Postpartum Kit.

These inspiring women created Akin as a destination for education, resources and support for those on the journey to becoming parents.

Using their expertise in the perinatal space, Caroline and Courtney curated this box to provide comfort and nourishment with the help of products from female-founded brands.

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Akin's Notes on Starting Their Business, A Postpartum Kit & Gifting

How did you come up with the idea of starting Akin?

Caroline: With a background in the healthcare industry, I was surprised by the lack of support (especially postpartum) after having my first baby. We all deserve to have information and access to get help when needed. That’s where Akin comes from, this idea that it should be easy to find support if and when you need it. We aren’t meant to do this alone.

Courtney: I wholeheartedly support the vision of elevating perinatal health and shifting it into a care experience that is engaging, affirming, and empowering for the mother - this, I believe is what is going to change our world for the better. 

What was compelling about partnering with Poppy to design a gift for pregnant and postpartum people?

Akin: Growing and birthing a human is nothing short of extraordinary. It is therefore so important to acknowledge and show appreciation for the mother/birthing person by directing care and thoughtful attention back to them. 

We love that at the core, Poppy Gifting is all about making people feel special by curating meaningful, personalized gifts. We had so much fun curating this collection of nourishing and supportive products in celebration of an incredible accomplishment and to ease the postpartum transition. 

How does gifting align with Akin's work?

Akin: For us, gifting in general represents two heartfelt affirmations: to show the receiver that they are seen and recognized, and to acknowledge that the happiness or grief that the receiver is experiencing is shared.

Do you have any favorite go-to gifts for loved ones?

Caroline: I love gifting a postpartum kit, especially for first time moms. Think peri bottle, pads, tea, mesh underwear, heating/cooling breast pads, that type of thing. 

Courtney: My go-to gift for the new mother/parent is a warm and nourishing meal that helps support physical recovery, replenish vitamins and nutrients, and helps harmonize hormones. A nutrient-dense, flavorful meal that leaves the new mama satiated, peaceful and happy - every time. 



We loved working with Akin to design a special way to gift postpartum people and learn more about perinatal health. 
Click here to explore the supportive world of Akin. Plus, stay tuned for more conversations with other female-founded brands featured in A Postpartum Kit.