This month, we are thrilled to feature Ellie McNevin, Founder and Head of PR at Birdie Public Relations.

We discussed how to nurture editor and client relationships and how a gifting strategy is important for any business. Watch our full conversation on our Instagram Reels.

Ellie was also kind enough to share about her gifting philosophy and a few of her go-to gifts—read on for more!

Whether a week-long visit, a weekend getaway, or al fresco dinner—what’s your gifting philosophy for your summer host?

"I don’t think you can go wrong with wine or cocktail mixers to add to the party! I just discovered Juliet Wine and the chic box that it comes in is completed with a handle – it looks like a fun handbag when you carry it to your destination. I also love Gris Gris Cocktail Magic for hosts that love a little kick to their cocktails – the Basil Habanero simple syrup is a personal favorite."

Do you have a gifting closet or stocked up staples that you tend to pull from?

"I don’t have a physical one as my house is at max capacity at the moment, but I do keep a digital list of ideas that I can quickly order from as needed. You all have been so kind to help me continue to grow that list with fresh ideas when I get stumped! I also don’t think you can go wrong with a candle – Sea Salt by Charleston Candle Co. is a summer scent that everyone loves."

What is your go-to host/hostess gift for your summer bbq host?

"Our au pair has gotten me hooked on beautiful salts and rubs as the braai culture is very big in South Africa, where she’s from. My husband is also a former chef and originally from Australia so we seem to be constantly barbequing at our house. Some of my favorite salts to gift the moment are by Beautiful Briny Sea in Atlanta (thank you to Kiki Slaughter for the intro to their lovely brand!), and Funky Ouma Braai Salt."

What's your favorite gift for your lake/beach host?

"I feel like all of my answers revolve around meals, but I think that’s what makes time together so special. I love gifting tablecloths or napkins from Sophie Williamson Design – the quality is just outstanding and the colors are so vibrant. You could set paper plates on her linens and it would still feel elevated! I love gifting something that offers an easy way to add a pop to casual dinners with friends."

Any favorite wedding gifts for the nuptials or new additions on your summer calendar?

"I’m a stick to the registry person for the most part, but I have been known to go off the registry for anything from Croghan’s Jewel Box. They are a fourth generation family jewelry store in Charleston and have the most exquisite silver collection. I have a beautiful sterling frame from them that is monogrammed with my married initials and it showcases one of my favorite photos from our wedding. I love anything that can be personalized!"


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