Writing the Perfect Thank You Note

Poppy's Guide to Thank You Notes

There's nothing more heartfelt or genuine than a handwritten note, here are Poppy's tips for writing the perfect thank you's!

1. Put pen to paper, a physical thank you is always appreciated.

2. Capture the sentiment with your stationery, the right card or personalized stationery can speak to the moment.

3. Add a personalized touch with customization or extra thoughtfulness. Customize our classic Wildflower Stationery Set with simple initials or a family name or add the special and cute details from the desk of your littlest one with our Little Poppy Stationery Set.

4. When in doubt, send a thank you! It's always important to honor a relationship with a note of gratitude.

Happy note writing! Customize your own stationery in The Gift Shop, perfect for thank you's from the family, your little one, and more.