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You are looking for the right present to gift your loving wife, Dare, for Valentine's Day! She is a talented cook and hostess, a world traveler, and has a taste for the finer things.

We’ve organized a few ideas celebrating her interests and personal style. 

We hope they inspire you!


Elizabeth Lake 

Big Love Dinner Napkins

Dare is the hostess with the mostess and loves to treat her guests to delicious food and a beautifully set table. These Big Love dinner napkins are a sure way to make a table set for two all that much more special!

Product Details

- Set of 2

- Dimensions: 20" x 20"

- Material: 100% linen

Estimated Total Cost: $105.00


Petite Plume 

Sweethearts Pajama Set

Like joyful confetti, the little pink hearts on these pajamas are cheery and playful. She will be tucked in luxury and off to dreamland. Bonne nuit!

Product Details

- Material: 100% cotton

- Size Options: XS, S, M, L, XL

Estimated Total Cost: $92.99


Stevie Howell 

Robe de Chambre

This super soft silk kimono features bold booms against a midnight ground with small accents of blue watercolor. Intended to be worn belted at home or loose and flowing in pursuit of adventure.

Product Details

- Material: 100% silk

- Dimensions: 38” length

- One Size

Estimated Total Cost: $431.31 (Slightly over budget)


Tory Burch 

Double Knit Jacket 

& Custom Golf Balls

You and Dare love spending time on the golf course! Give her game a festive touch with custom golf balls and a new layering piece.

Product Details

Double Knit Jacket:

- Material: Nylon double knit

- Size Options: XS, S, M, L

- Color Options: Black, Navy, Red

Golf Balls:

- Quantity: Sleeve of three

- Golf Ball Options: Titleist Pro V1, V1x, Velocity

- Golf Ball Customization Ideas: Heart icon, Dare's initials, a sweet saying

- Custom golf balls must be ordered by 1/28 to arrive in time.

Estimated Total Cost: $301.63 - $326.5

Double Knit Jacket Red

Double Knit Jacket Black

Double Knit Jacket Navy


Jennifer Meyer 

Heart Jewelry

Dainty and light for everyday wear! A symbol of love, these sweet heart studs and necklace both make the perfect gift for someone special. 

Option 1 : Mini Heart Necklace

- Dimensions: 16 inch 14kt chain

- Material: Heart is 18kt gold

Estimated Total Cost: $375.38

Option 2 : Heart Studs

Product Details

- Dimensions: 0.2" x 0.2"

- Material: 18kt gold

- Color Options: Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold

Estimated Total Cost: $375.38

Mini Heart Necklance

Heart Studs Yellow Gold

Heart Studs White Gold

Heart Studs Rose Gold

Additional Items

Elizabeth Lake

Pair of Marbled Candles

Estimated Total Cost: $38.00

Elsa Peretti

Heart Box

Estimated Total Cost: $162.75

Phenomenal Woman 


Estimated Total Cost: $63.28

Rebecca de Ravenel

Mini Cora Metallic Gold

Estimated Total Cost: $119.97

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