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You are looking for the right present to gift your girlfriend's mother, Joy, for Christmas! She’s a mother, wine enthusiast and is always on the go meeting friends or focusing on her wellness.

We’ve organized a few ideas celebrating her interests and laid-back sense of style. 

We hope they inspire you!

Additional Wine Related Items

Hudson Grace

Marble Wine Chiller

A stylish way to present Joy's favorite wine. The naturally cool stone keeps the bottle chilled for backyard social visits.

Product Details: 

Dimensions: 4.75"dia x 7"High

Estimated Total Cost: $65.05

August Morgan

Whino Cocktail Napkins

A cheeky nod to her affection for wine! These linen napkins will complement any bottle.

Product Details: 

Dimensions: 4.75"dia x 7"High

Quantity: Set of 4

Estimated Total Cost: $50.55

Cowgirl Creamery

Classic Shipment

 Nothing goes better with wine than cheese, right? Deliver a taste of West Marin and Sonoma delivered to Joy's door. 

Product Details: 

Includes: Classic Mr. Tam, Aged Wagon Wheel, Seasonal Devil's Gulch

Delivery Details: 

- Ships the week of December 21

- Because the food is perishable this item will ship directly to Joy.

Estimated Total Cost: $85

Hudson Grace 

Henri Glassware

Add a pop of color to her tablescape with a collection of mouth-blown glassware. 

Product Details: 

Dimensions: 3.5"dia x 4.25"H, 9.5oz

Color Options: Violet, Red, Dark Green, Dark Orange, Dark Blue, Orange, Indigo, Green, Turquoise

Estimated Total Cost: $15.20 per glass


3-in-1 Wine Chiller

 The all-in-one solution for perfect wine every time. After freezing, this gadget chills, aerates, and pours your ideal temperature each and every time.

Product Details: 

Dimensions: 12¼" length

Estimated Total Cost: $34.06


PRO Electric Wine Opener Set

Pouring, serving and preserving wine is easier than ever with this electric set. 

Product Details: 

Includes: Electric corkscrew, manual preserver, two bottle stoppers, aerator/pourer, foil cutter and charging base

Color Options: Violet, Red, Dark Green, Dark Orange, Dark Blue, Orange, Indigo, Green, Turquoise

Estimated Total Cost: $126.88

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