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You are looking for the right present to gift your father, Jamie, on Christmas! He’s an outdoorsman with a playful sense of humor and a taste for the finer things.

We’ve organized a few ideas celebrating his interests and personal style. We hope they inspire you!



Bolo Tie

The tradition of the bolo tie continues with Vogt Silversmiths. Hand engraved in sterling silver with a cast Elk or Longhorn and sterling silver tips.

Product Details 

- Dimensions: 1.75" (Elk) 1.5″ (Longhorn) diameter, bolo string measures 44″

- Options: Elk, Longhorn

- Discount Available: Save 10% through Monday (11/30)

Estimated Total Cost: $240.85 - $270.85



Silver Tips


Safe Passage 

Angler Carry It All

Designed to be carried on airplanes, the bag is rugged enough to be checked if necessary. Rods are stored in a separate, padded compartment in the top. The bottom half has adjustable dividers and is designed to hold other critical gear like reels, lines, fly boxes, sunglasses, pliers, and terminal tackle. 

Product Details

- Color Options: Brown Camo, Olive Gray, Fishewear

- Size Options: 

       - Medium: 31" x 5½" x 8¾", to 9' 4-piece rod. 

       - Large: 36¾" x 5½" x 8¾", up to 11' 4-piece rod.

Estimated Total Cost: $156.19

Brown Camo

Olive Gray




Hyder Quilted Jacket

Keep Jamie warm in style this winter with this water-resistant performance jacket. It's practical enough for daily use but stylish to layer for an evening outing. 

Product Details

- Color Options: Marsh Olive, Faded Navy, Tan

- Size Options: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Estimated Total Cost: $271.26

Marsh Olive

Faded Navy




Snowcookie Sensor

Snowcookie is for those passionate skiers who want to improve their technique faster and measure what was previously impossible to observe. With Snowcookie you can explore your skiing abilities and get better with each run.

Product Details

- Includes: 

  - 3x Snowcookie sensors

  - 2x adhesive ski mounts

  - One-size-fits-all chest harness

  - Wireless charging pad

  - 2020/21 subscription

- Shipping Details: Pre-order for shipping on 12/18.

Estimated Total Cost: $499


Sensors & Ski Mounts

Wireless Charging Pad

Additional Items

Kemo Sabe Saddle Lined

Glove Estimated Total Cost: $83.70

Sumo Top Car Rod Rack

Estimated Total Cost: $213.64

Theragun Pro

Estimated Total Cost: $487.16

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