Below are a few considerations for you to note as you dive into the gift selection process:

Gift Elements:

The various recommendations we've included have been organized into two categories: Baby (0-12M) & Toddler (1Y-5Y) --to streamline your review. We have intentionally offered a range of gifting styles and moments that consider the feedback from our 2022 gifting scope.

Our team will be sure to include our recommended gift components for each family indicated in our recipient address list.

Quantities: Given the scale and ongoing nature of your gifting, we can’t guarantee that all products will be available upon execution of forthcoming gifts. In the event of unavailable inventory, we will provide alternatives recommendations.

Historical Reference: The gifting components from last year are available at the bottom of this catalog for consideration as well. 

Shipping Costs: All prices indicated in the following cards include shipping to Poppy Gifting. Should an item make sense to buy in bulk (or a handful of to have on demand), pricing will decrease per unit given the nature of the flat shipping rate. 

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2023 Gift Curation

Baby (0-12M):


Toddler (1-5Y):


Clients & Parents:


2022 Gift Curation

Baby & Toddler:


Home & Family Self-Care: