Gift Catalog for The Lanphers

You are looking for the right present to gift your dear clients, The Lanphers, to commemorate them closing on their new home. They are a young family whom you would like to gift a private dining experience. 

We've organized a few ideas that include recommendations for chefs and food preparation, as well as a couple of suggestions for linens and table decor to complement the experience.

Please note the following as you review:

Private Dining

- Pricing for the chefs we have suggested is only available upon request. While we have inquiries out to all of them, we are awaiting confirmed pricing for the majority.

- While we have received accolades for all of the chefs we have presented here, friends of Poppy have had personal success with the following: Eat, Drink & Laugh and Sweet Melissa's.

Linens & Table Decor:

- This is just a starting point to see what you are gravitating towards! We are happy to expand further on textured fabrics, embroidered linens and additional table decor. 

-  In addition, we wanted to share the fact that we have a local resource that we can leverage to personalize any linen you might find (in this catalog or outside) for an estimated $20 per item.

Happy browsing!

Click on the cards below to read more about each item and see additional photos.


 Private Chefs & In-Home Dining:


 Linens & Table Decor: