Gift Catalog for Playgroup Teacher Appreciation

We are excited to share our curated gift catalog tailored with recommendations to gift the incredible Playgroup Teachers this holiday season! 

Below are a few considerations for you to note as you dive into the gift selection process:

Gift Elements: The various recommendations we've included are sourced from local vendors and purveyors to allow for a timely procurement process. Any of these items can be mixed and matched to create one cohesive gift basket that they group of teachers will thoroughly enjoy! Please note an assortment of sweet and savory treats as well as a couple of complementary components that would pair nicely. 

Gift Basket & Wrapping: Please consider allowing $20-$30 in your budget to accommodate a gift basket for delivery. We will work on finding the right basket size once the items have been confirmed!

Beverages: If you wish to include a bottle (or two!) of wine in this basket, that is no problem at all! We can happily purchase that on your behalf and tuck them into the gift. Please just let us know your preferred label, wine type and/or budget.

Happy Browsing!


Click on the cards below to read more about each item and see additional photos.