Gift Catalog for Holiday Gifting 2022

As a Perennial member, you have several recipients and occasions to gift this holiday season. With your recipients' interests and gift purpose in mind, we have carefully curated gift recommendations for each of your designated gifting needs. 

The following recommendations have been curated with your recipients, budget and timeline in mind. You will notice that we've included a few gift suggestions that expand past your initial budget however as we felt that they were relevant to your recipients and felt inclined to share them with you. 

Additionally, please note that the following costs are inclusive of tax and shipping to Poppy Gifting (for gift wrap), however additional rushed delivery fees may apply as we inch closer to the holiday.

Happy Browsing!

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 White Elephant Gifts: *Please note that this selection is intended for all three white elephant gifts.


For Your Mom:


For Your Dad & Andrew:


For Margot & Ruby