Gift Catalog for Benjamin Schneer

You are looking for the right present to gift your husband, Benjamin, for the holidays! He is a doting husband, father of two beautiful girls and he has an impressive career as a professor at Harvard. 

One to always put others ahead of himself, he is much deserving of elevated essentials that will enhance his day-to-day. From savoring wine to entertaining friends and family, he is happiest with a delicious spread and cozy company. 

The following gift suggestions have been carefully curated with Benjamin's interests in mind. Please note that all prices are reflective of tax and shipping and that multiple components may be selected to create one cohesive gift. 

Additionally, please note that we stumbled across a gift idea that stretches your original budget. Given its specialty and relevancy, we've decided to include it below.

We hope these recommendations inspire you.

Happy browsing!

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