Meet the Maker: Nayoung Lee of ELMNTL

Nayoung Lee, Founder of ELMNTL

Growing up in the fashion industry, Nayoung had a firsthand look into the business. After building her career, she sought to change the world of fast fashion and create a sustainable brandELMNTL. 

ELMNTL's Super Soft Wool Socks are featured in A Postpartum Kit and provide a dose of comfort to those who need it most.

Read on to learn more about Nayoung's story!

Nayoung's Notes on Starting ELMNTL, Her Greatest Motivation & A Postpartum Kit

What is Ebi and why did you decide to launch this brand? How did you get started in sustainable fashion?

I've [always] wanted to be in fashion, and as a native of Korea, I literally had to travel halfway across the world to achieve this dream.

From day one in America I took on a series of internships and odd jobs at various companies to learn the ins and outs my childhood did not give me exposure to. I went from the back of the shop to the front, and from there began to learn the dark secrets of the industry I was not aware of before.

Industry standards were misaligned and at the rate we were moving our planet's future as well as the moral compass of our society would continue down the wrong trend. I decided I would eventually make a jump to build a brand that would focus on sustainable efforts for both the environment and humanity.


What is your motivation for providing sustainable essentials? 

My daughter. Sustainability has been the core of my business, but ever since my daughter was born, it matters more than ever.

Our brands have a collective goal of supporting the female experience, what does that mean to you?

It means creating a better future for my daughter.

What was compelling about participating in a New Mother’s Box with Akin and Poppy Gifting?

This partnership meant very personal to me, because I became a new mom last year and a thoughtful gift could mean a world of difference to a new mom!​


What about gifting a new mother or new parent(s) excites you? 

Gifting for new parents excites me because being a new parent is a lot of work and is a major life changing experience!

How does contributing your wool socks make for a meaningful postpartum gift? 

Not just because I was born and raised in Korea where there are very strict traditions for postpartum care and keeping your feet warm at all times is one of them, your feet will always feel fresh in our cozy socks perfect for both maternity and postpartum.


We loved working with Akin to design a special way to gift postpartum people and learn more about perinatal health. 
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