Meet the Maker: Breighl Robbins of Ebi

Breighl Robbins, Founder of Ebi

After the birth of her child, Breighl recognized the lack of support existing for new mothers experiencing postpartum. 

With a background in public health and integrative medicine, she sought to fill that void with a company dedicated to the needs of the postpartum period.

Ebi's nourishing Tisane is featured in A Postpartum Kit and is a  thoughtful blend of herbs meant to support and soothe the mind and body.

Read on to learn more about Breighl's story!

Breighl's Notes on Starting Ebi, The Intention Behind the Products & The Tisane as a Postpartum Gift

What is Ebi and why did you decide to launch this brand? 

Ebi is rooted in the postpartum traditions of catering to the needs of new mothers by encouraging and supporting their well-being with high quality, nourishing, and effective care. We support healthy postpartum experiences for mothers by making self-care during the postpartum period approachable and safe. 

I started Ebi after noticing there wasn’t a wellness line dedicated solely to the unique needs of new mothers, committed to creating the highest quality products using clean ingredients and employing ethical sourcing practices.


We are so thrilled to include The Tisane in our Postpartum Kit. Can you share more about the inspiration and intention behind this specific blend?

Inspired by the traditional herbal drinks served to new mothers in many of the world’s cultures, it's a botanical combination that soothes the nervous system, supports healthy milk production and eases the mind.

Could you walk us through the process of developing your products? 

Ebi believes in the power of empathy. This intention underlies every step of our process, from production to shipping. Our line of products is plant-based. Ebi only sources organic ingredients.The bulk of our ingredients come from small family farms in the Northeast.

The chamomile flowers in our tea are grown in Vermont, the sea salt in our bath is harvested in Martha’s Vineyard just off the coast of Massachusetts. Our wellness products are made by hand in our studio in Boston. Our organic cotton underwear and nipple pads are made in New York, with cotton grown in America. We are aware that our decisions as a business have implications far beyond us, and are dedicated to making decisions that are beneficial to the greatest number possible.

Why is the Tisane a meaningful postpartum gift? 

Our herbal tisane is a thoughtful blend of herbs selected to support the unique needs of mothers during postpartum. It supports healthy milk production, soothes the nervous system, and provides a myriad of vitamins and minerals to stave off fatigue and general depletion.

This tea will quickly become a part of your daily routine as a new mother, or be there whenever a little restoration is called for.


We loved working with Akin to design a special way to gift postpartum people and learn more about perinatal health. 
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