Sample Gift Catalog for Peak Projects 2023 Gifting

The following sample catalog is intended to give your team a sense of Poppy's curation amongst the different gifting scopes and occasions within your year-long gifting strategy. For the purpose of this sample, we have focused on two gifting categories that take the following into consideration:

  • Where possible, curation is based on environmentally friendly products that use natural, sustainable and/or recycled materials.
  • Focused on a smattering of purposes and gift category types to show variety in our recommendations.
  • Range of style types, again to mimic the variety of styles, interests and aesthetics that your client roster reflects.
Of course, our custom curated catalogs will be specific to the direction you provide including gift category type, personalization inclusions/brandability, budgets and so forth. Wholesale and bulk order pricing will also be available in some instances.

Happy Browsing!

Click on the cards below to read more about each item and see additional photos.



Client Welcome/Project Closing Gifting:Thoughtful and meaningful gestures of appreciation to welcome the client into their home. Taking into consideration their aesthetic, interests, style and location--we will curate an assortment of gifts that are bespoke to each recipient. 


Team Holiday Gifting:In appreciation for their hard work, we will help offer gift recommendations that your employees with enjoy year-round. These can be multi-item or one single gift, branded or not--and certainly aligned with the company's gifting ethos.