Registry Recommendation Catalog for Holzman & Garcia Wedding

We are excited to share our curated catalog of registry recommendations! Thanks to your helpful replies to our questionnaire, each component has been carefully tailored with your anticipated needs, style and aesthetic in consideration.

Below you'll find an expansive list of recommendations that span the desired departments & categories that you indicated. In parallel with a careful review of your existing registry, we've identified key items that are missing and a handful of items that we feel are worth registering for multiples of (i.e. we typically suggest two throw blankets for couples!). You may see a few of the same types of items (i.e. dish towels), as it was our intention to present a variety so that you can select your favorite color scheme and style.

We look forward to walking through this together and collecting your feedback in real time. In the meantime, please note that our recommendations have been broken out into registry product categories which is intended to guide your review.

In conjunction with building our recommendations, we've taken our time combing through the registry collection you have already curated! While we feel it is a cohesive assortment of practical and luxury items, we wanted to share one suggestion in regards to quantities. 

Quantities: For the couple that loves to entertain, we recommend bumping up your set quantity request to 10-12 to accommodate larger groups and to have on-hand replacements for any shattered or damaged pieces.

Happy browsing!

Click on the cards below to read more about each item and see additional photos.



Everyday Dishware: Your existing registry has a great assortment of plates (casual and china) that can be enjoyed no matter the occasion. Our additions here are inspired by what you've already selected and are suggested to round out your assortment of elevated everyday dishes. Should you be interested in more, we figured there's no harm in sharing a couple of brands that we favor for both quality and aesthetic!


Tabletop & Kitchen Linens: We love your selection of table decor and linens and think that a few more essentials that complement your fresh coastal meets traditional style will ensure you're ready for any meal or guest! Playful patterns and muted color palettes are highlighted as an easy way to bring personality to the table without sacrificing a minimalist aesthetic.


Bathroom Linens & Beach Towels: Given your proximity to the beach and potential increase in baths upon purchasing a new home, we recommend adding a few more beach and bath linens to your registry. We particularly favor styles and quality from the below brands which happen to feature patterns and textures that reflect your overall style.


Kitchen Tools & Serveware: We couldn't help but identify a few serving essentials that would round out your table prep. From natural to modern, these pieces will help to create a collection that is expansive in design and cohesive by nature.


Home Accents & Decor: We strongly feel that now is the time to not only reinvest into your kitchen and entertaining ware but to also expand on the items that make your home reflective of your personal taste. Think elevated luxuries that will stand the test of time!