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You are on the hunt for a handful of thank you gifts for your hosts and hostesses on your upcoming trip! You have a range in budget that you'd like each gift to fall within and the packages need to be as small as possible for travel purposes.

We’ve organized a few ideas with your hosts and hostesses in mind. 

We hope they inspire you!

Gift Recommendations Under $50

August Morgan 

Cocktail Napkins

Who doesn't enjoy a little humor with their beverage of choice?

Elevate your hosts cocktail hour with elegant linen and classic hemstitching, with a twist. 

Product Details: 

Set of 4

Design Options: Flocktails, Nice Shot, Seeing Double


Dimensions: 6" x 6"

Estimated Total Cost: $50.52

Henry Handwork 

Guest Towels & Baudelaire Hand Soap

The perfect blend of fun and tradition, each hand towel features a hand-drawn hemstitch in the classic style of days gone by. Pair with a fragrant honey soap to compliment the linen.

Product Details: 

Linen Design Options: Flamingo, Scallop Shell

Linen Material: Hand embroidered on 100% cotton

Linen Dimension: 16" x 24"

Hand Soap Options: Honey Calendula, Honey Goats Milk, Honey Royal Jelly

Estimated Total Cost: $40.15

Hudson Grace 

Cocktail Picks & Tear-Off Cocktail Napkins

Pick your poison. The entirely compostable cocktail napkins, can be washed and reused up to five times. Pair with cocktail picks to put the finishing touch on any specialty beverage.

Product Details: 

Set of 6 cocktail picks and one tear-off roll of 50 cocktail napkins

Cocktail Picks Material: Stainless Steel*

Cocktail Picks Dimensions: 3.75" long

Cocktail Napkin Material: Compostable linen

Cocktail Napkin Dimensions: 4.5" x 4.5"

Cocktail Napkin Color Options**: Orange, Sand, Classic Blue, Taupe

Estimated Total Cost: $47.74

*Gift would require to be packed in checked luggage.

**Additional colors available upon request.



Classic Blue


Gift Recommendations Under $250

Kim Seybert 

Reef Napkin & Napkin Ring Set

A delicate coral reef design dresses up this napkin for a graceful seaside table. Pair with a set of napkin rings to complete the table setting.

Product Details: 

Set of 4

Linen Material: Linen and cotton

Linen Dimension: 21" x 21"

Napkin Ring Options: Bead Burst, Sea Stone, Carnival

Estimated Total Cost: $179.68 - $212.66

Bead Burst

Sea Stone


Murano Green Bubble Bowl

Perfect to bring some sparkle to your coffee table. This Murano glass bowl is crafted with beautiful bubble control. 

Product Details: 

Material: Murano glass

Dimensions: 7" diameter x 3.25" high

Vintage: Circa 1960s

Estimated Total Cost: $238.70

Elizabeth Lake 

Palm Tree Dinner Napkins

Crafted on a medium weight linen in lime, these Palm Tree Dinner Napkins make a lively addition to any spring or summer table.

Product Details: 

Pair of 2

Material: 100% linen

Dimensions: 20" x 20"

Production: Handcrafted in Portugal

Shipping: 2 day shipping included in below estimate.

Estimated Total Cost: $150.00

L'Arte Muranese 

Pair of Murrine Glass Tumblers

Perfect for enjoying morning juice or prettying up the nightstand, these mouth blown tumblers are unique and special in craft.

Product Details: 

Pair of 2

Material: Mouth blown millefiori glass

Dimension: 3" x 4"

Color Options: Lime, Marigold, Peach, Blue Green, Cherry Swirl

Estimated Total Cost: $227.85




Blue Green

Cherry Swirl

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