Gift Catalog for Teacher Appreciation

You are looking for the right present to gift your daughters' teachers in gratitude at the end of the school year!

They are an active bunch that like to travel, be outdoors and generally celebrate life. Below you will find a selection of gift recommendations that solve for elevated travel basics with some sporty and special personal items mixed in as well. 

With your budget in mind, we have sourced a catalog that mostly reflects price points that fall within your designated range. For any that appear slightly higher (or lower) the objective is to create flexibility in your budget by gifting some recipients on a slightly lower budget and others with one that is moderately higher.

If there is any spare budget, we are happy to recommend smaller/supplemental items that can be paired with a grander gesture.

Once you've had a chance to review, please provide your gift selection and reply to our email thread with your preferred gift.

Happy browsing!

Click on the cards below to read more about each item and see additional photos.


 Gift Recommendations: 


 Alternative Tote Recommendations:Non-personalized totes can be customized for an additional $25.00.