Gift Catalog for Raanan Bar-Cohen

You are looking for the right gift to send your friend and former colleague along with his family during a challenging chapter in their lives. Raanan is a loving father to two teenage daughters, a caring husband and a best friend to the family's four year old pup.

You would like to send something that is thoughtful and that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Below we have organized a handful of recommendations that can be mixed and matched to create a meaningful and cohesive gift. 

The below catalogs have been designed with the intention that gifts could be sourced from just one category or all three. If it is helpful for us to provide a few recommended pairings, we would be more than happy to do so.

Please note that the gift recommendations estimated fees are inclusive of both taxes and shipping fees. While you are sifting through and making your selections, please note to reserve additional budget for a floral arrangement. Once the items have been procured, our team will work with you to select blooms to pair with the comprehensive gift.

Happy browsing!

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 Artisanal Fare & Sweet Confections:


Family Entertainment & Elevated Comfort:


Baskets & Carryalls: