Gift Catalog for Liv's Birthday - Seven is a Vibe

You are looking for an unexpected and festive party favor to send Liv's guests home with after a groovy birthday afternoon. With many take home goodies and themes being overdone in the past, you've enlisted Poppy's help to take a bespoke approach to event favor curation.

Taking your helpful direction into account, we have sourced gift recommendations that will carry the spirit of the party home with your guests. The following gift suggestions have been organized into the following categories for your review:

  • Standard Party Favors: With no set budget in mind, we curated an assortment of gifts that vary in price and product type while adhering to the overarching theme and taking Liv's preferences into consideration.
  • One-Off Favors: A few higher budget recommendations that could serve well for event photography purposes. 
  • For The Moms: Take home recommendations that celebrate the chaperones of the day.

Happy browsing!


Standard Party Favors:

One-Off Favors:

For The Moms: