Gift Catalog for Jared and Caleigh Wright

You are putting together a gift basket filled snacks, beverages and more to help the Wright's stay in Palo Alto feel a bit more welcoming and homey. 

As you browse through the catalog, please keep the following notes in mind.

Catalog Components:

We have sourced a handful of local confections and artisanal snacks that do not require refrigeration. In addition, we thought of a couple of comforting components that would pair well with the gift basket and included them here. A few of them are actually products that we sell and we are happy to offer then complimentary.

Any of these items can be mixed together to create one cohesive package, and we would be happy to provide our recommended pairings if helpful.

Beverages: Pending the balance of funds available, we will source a Pinot Noir, vodka and soda water to complete the gift. Those options will be shared as a next step.

Gift Basket: If you wish to give a basket versus the tote included in the catalog, we recommend reserving $25.00 of the budget to accommodate for that purchase. 

The Wright's are so lucky to have such an incredible friend in you! Our hearts are with the family as they embark on this difficult chapter.


Click on the cards below to read more about each item and see additional photos.



Confections & Artisanal Treats:


Activities & Items of Comfort: