Gift Catalog for H Luxury Travel | 2023 New Year Gifts

We are very excited to share our curated gift catalog that is filled with recommendations tailored to your clients and your gifting occasion. Our recommendations strike a balance of sophistication and playfulness--allowing for each recipient's personality to shine through in the gift selections.  

Below are a few considerations for you to note as you dive into the gift selection and consideration process:

Gift Elements: The various recommendations we've included have been organized into three recipient interest type categories to streamline your review. Of course, components from any category can be gifted to any recipient. 

Gifting Budget: With a $150-$200 gift budget in mind, we have sourced a catalog that mostly reflects price points that fall within that range. For any that appear slightly higher (or lower) the objective is to create flexibility in your budget by gifting some recipients on a slightly lower budget and others with one that is moderately higher (a la Jill!).

Quantities: Given the scale of your recipient list, all products may not be available for each and every client. Once gift selections have been made, we will start procurement and confirm that the selected gifts are available for gifting at this scale. 

Should schedules allow, we welcome the opportunity to walk through this catalog together and gather your thoughts and feedback live.

Happy Browsing!

Click on the cards below to read more about each item and see additional photos.



 Travel Essentials: An assortment of elevated items that lend themselves to the individual who is always on the go and values convenience.


Family & Leisure:Gift recommendations to be enjoyed as a family or savored in a quiet moment.


Cocktail Hour: An end of day ritual for those that drink--and those that don't! Festive drinkware and snacks to make it the happiest hour.


Tier 2 Recipients - Original: $50.00 or less