Gift Catalog for Entenman Bridal Party

You are looking for the right present to gift your bridal party for standing by you and being a part of your big day!

Below you will find two catalogs that strattle the $0-$50 and $50-$100 price ranges. The purpose of both catalogs is to create distinction amongst the more significant gestures and affordable giftsto be paired together where appropriate.

The gift categories range from sentimental jewelry or festive necessities to be enjoyed throughout the wedding weekend. Feel free to mix and match suggestions as you like and we can always provide alternative options should something feel not quite right. We will also happily expand on all customization options if you decide to go that route for a particular gift.

We hope these ideas inspire you!

Click on the cards below to read more about each item and see additional photos. 

Please note that the prices shared in the catalog are inclusive of tax and shipping.

 Gift Suggestions ~$0-$50

 Gift Suggestions ~$50-$100

 Groomsmen Gift Suggestions