Gift Catalog for Bodhi Matthes Easter Basket

You are organizing an Easter surprise for your nephew, Bodhi! He is an energetic five-year old and you'd like this basket of treats to reflect his curiosities and interests. 

With your notes in mind, we have curated the following gift basket components for Bodhi this Easter. While we included some influence from typical Easter elements, the majority of items are designed to reflect his personality and to be enjoyed in active play. 

Should any of the following items feel not quite right, we are happy to expand our curation bearing your feedback in mind.

If you wish to include any classic Easter candy/fare (i.e., Cadbury eggs, Peeps, etc.), we would be happy to source those additional items with your remaining budget.

Once you've had a chance to review, please provide your gift selection and/or feedback as well as your selected basket type in reply to your catalog delivery email. If you wish for the Poppy team to make selections on your behalf, we would be happy to do so and will ensure that our comprehensive selection remains within your target budget.

All baskets will be filled with green crinkle cut paper unless otherwise specified.

Happy browsing!

Click on the cards below to read more about each item and see additional photos.


 Easter Basket Component Recommendations: 

 Easter Basket Recommendations: