Perennial by Poppy Business

Enhance your professional gifting with ongoing services.

For fostering client relationships and celebrating team members, our business membership offers consultancy to manage your year-round gifting strategy.

  • Benefit from discounted services and on-demand consultancy for up to 150 individual gifts throughout the year.

    When you become a Perennial by Poppy member, expect a personalized welcome gift, early sale access, and 20% off ready-made gifts in The Gift Shop.

  • First, we'll gather details about the occasions and recipients on your list. Next, our team will curate a comprehensive catalog of up to 80 gifts suited to a variety of potential giftees throughout the year. When the occasion calls, you select the perfect gift and our service takes care of gift procurement, quality assurance, gift wrapping, personalized note writing, packing, and shipping to your gift recipient. Upon selection of your gifts you will receive a digital invoice for the cost of the gifts and applicable shipping to the recipients.

  • Signature gift wrap and handwritten note included.

  • A flat $20 shipping or local delivery fee applies to all domestic shipments. Additional shipping fees may apply for international or oversized (packaging exceeding 5 lbs or 12” x 12” x 12”) deliveries.

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Your gifting challenge, our expert solution

See how our process came to life, from initial inquiry to final selection

The Member

A partner at a prominent law firm

The Membership Reason

They like to be able to readily send thoughtful gifts to executive-level clients on various occasions throughout the year, from work anniversaries to personal milestones.

The Gift Options
  • Luxe alpaca throw blanket
  • Set of crystal tumblers
  • High-tech wine stopper
  • Horn and resin trinket box


Perennial services are available to use at any point throughout the year from your date of purchase. Questionnaires must be submitted a minimum of 14 days prior to your first requested gift delivery date. All gifts must be selected within 7 days of your requested delivery date, or rush shipping fees may apply.

If you're not satisfied with your original catalog, we offer up to two rounds complimentary revisions.

After purchasing your service, you will receive an introduction email from our team that includes the link to your questionnaire. If you are unable to find the original link to your questionnaire, please email

- Additional catalog revisions are available at a fee of $20 per revision.
- Gifts may include up to four individual components. Any additional components can be included at an added fee of $15 per component.
- Specialty gift wrap is available at no additional cost.
- Pre-delivery gift assembly is available at a fee of $20 per item.
- Scheduling support for experiential gifts is available at a fee of $20 per event.
- Storage of gifts that are not shipped during the scoped timeline is available for $50 per sq. ft. per month, beginning 2 weeks after the original gift shipment.

If your recipient is dissatisfied with their gift or needs to exchange the item(s) for any reason, we'll be happy to help. Please contact us at All gifts with personalized detailing such as monograms or customized messaging are non-returnable.

Failure to pay the invoice for your gift within 14 days will result in a cancelled order. Service fees are nonrefundable.

Service fees may be billed annually or half yearly. By purchasing a membership you are committing to bundled services rendered by Poppy Gifting. The amount of services that are available for redemptions are based on the payment frequency that you select. Upon payment, you will have access to the corresponding amount of services you paid for (10 for annual payments and 5 for half-yearly).

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