Gift Catalog for Trusted Nanny Match Client Gifting 2022

Below are a few considerations for you to note as you dive into the gift selection process:

Gift Elements:

The various recommendations we've included have been organized into two categories: Baby & Toddler and Home & Family Self-Care--to streamline your review. We have intentionally offered a wide range of styles, gifting moments (bath time, bedtime, etc.), unexpected essentials and price points to lend to a single or multi-component gift. 

Please note that items may be selected and matched from either grouping to create a comprehensive multi-component gift. Should another style or color be desirable, we can further curate to refine your selection.

Quantities: Given the scale and ongoing nature of your gifting, we can’t guarantee that all products will be available upon execution of forthcoming gifts. In the event of unavailable inventory, we will provide alternatives recommendations.

To save on shipping costs, please consider grouping your gifting orders.

Happy Browsing!

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Revision One

Baby & Toddler:


Home & Family Self-Care:



Baby & Toddler:


Home & Family Self-Care: