Gift Catalog for Mark Peracchi Client Holiday Gifts

We are excited to share our curated digital catalog with tailored gift recommendations for your upcoming gifting project! 

    Below are a few considerations for you to note as you dive into the gift selection process:

    Revised Recommendations: This catalog is intended to provide initial curation with the direction provided to our team to date. Should any of the following items not feel particularly right, we will happily provide revised recommendations bearing your feedback in mind.

    Gift Costs: All of the following items fit within your prepaid gift budget. In the event you would like to combine an item or two, we can help ensure that your complete gift cost does not exceed the existing threshold.

    Recipient Types: The following gift recommendations include universally appealing gifts as well as a few that are geared towards feminine style. If you would like to give similar gifts with varying style, we are happy to source further based on your direction.

    Quantities: Given the scale of your recipient list, all products may not be available for everyone on your list. Once gift selections have been made, we will start procurement and confirmation that the selected gifts are available for gifting at this scale. If modifications in relation to colors or alternative products are needed, we will happily provide that direction.

    Happy Browsing!

    Click on the cards below to read more about each item and see additional photos.