Gift Catalog for Intuit Ambassador Gifting H1

We are excited to share our curated gift catalog tailored with recommendations for the Intuit Ambassadors! Our recommendations were selected with the intention to honor the relationship between the ambassador and QuickBooks brand—highlighting the ambassadors roles as your evangelists while incentivizing and rewarding their loyalty. 

Below are a few considerations for you to note as you dive into the gift selection process:

Gift Elements: The various recommendations we've included have been organized into a few categories with the intention that gifts can be mixed and matched to create one cohesive multi-component gift. 

Should you favor more than one type of (single or multi-component) gift to proceed with, please know that there is the flexibility to deliver up to three different gift types to the 75 recipients.

Sourcing: The majority of the items have been sourced from small businesses and brands that are current clients of Quickbooks, further lending to the theme of the organization supporting its customers.

Gift Collateral: We are inspired by your idea to include an illustration on the insert and would further suggest speaking to the brand stories that are included in the gift box. We can further explore that avenue when the gift components have been selected! Please note that there will be additional fees associated to custom collateral.

Gifting Tiers & Budget: The following catalogs have been structured to share complete gift packages that fall within the set budget tiers and gifting themes that we have shared previously. With the new list of Quickbooks businesses that we have been sourcing from, we were inspired to create two more catalogs that both happen to fall within the Tier 2 budget range. These can be scaled back or further to accommodate a different budget tier if desired. Please see below for clarity on the tiers and their associated budgets.

  • Tier 1 - Savor a Moment: $50
  • Tier 2 - Stay Organized: $100
  • Tier 2 - Fun in the Kitchen: $100 *New and optional
  • Tier 2 - Rest & Relax: $100 *New and optional
  • Tier 3 - Seize the Day: $150-$200

Quantities: Once gift selections have been made, we will start procurement and confirmation that the selected gifts are available for gifting at this scale.

Happy Browsing!

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Tiered Gifting Sets:

Tier 1: Savor a Moment


Tier 2: Stay Organized


Tier 2: Fun in the Kitchen


Tier 2: Rest & Relax


Tier 3: Seize the Day



 Artisanal Fare & Sweet Confections:


Home & Office Accents:




Business Essentials: