Gift Catalog for Gratitude Gifts

Hi Charlie and Sarah!

You are looking to gift friends and family that have generously planned and hosted festive farewell gatherings!

We are excited to share a few ideas that we've organized for you to gift in gratitude to your respective recipients. The suggestions we've included are tailored to each recipient and are mindful of your $250 per gift budget. In some cases, we've opted to share gift recommendations that exceed this budget with the thought that there can be a bit of give and take across the four gifts.

Please see below for customized catalogs for each recipient. This format of catalog presentation is new—so please keep us posted if we can help clarify any details or answer any questions!

To review an item in detail, please click on the catalog card to expand the view. The estimated costs noted on each card are inclusive of tax and shipping. In the case of two gift suggestions, we've paired two items together that we thought would complement each other well. If you would prefer to gift one single item, it's no problem to break them apart.

Can't wait to hear what you think!

Peggy & Willa 



 Gift Catalog for Jamie & Marritje Greene:

They are doting grandparents who appreciate elevated essentials to be enjoyed by friends and family.


Revision One


 Gift Catalog for Lindsay & Alex Ramsay:

They are the ultimate entertainers, who appreciate meaningful and sentimental tokens.



 Gift Catalog for Jamie Greene III:

He is a loving father, music lover and bohemian at heart.



 Gift Catalog for Tad Moore:

He is rancher and hunter whose thoughtfulness is expressed through every last detail.