Gift Catalog for Charles Halladay's Birthday

You are looking for the right present to gift your husband, Charles, for his upcoming birthday! He had a wonderful experience getting fitted for his wedges so you'd like to offer him a similar golf-centric activity.

We’ve organized a few fitting and lesson related recommendations as well as a couple of overnight packages that would please any avid golfer.

The options presented have been vetted from golf fanatics and amateur professionals, taking all of their suggestions into consideration. For transparency, please note that unfortunately a couple of well known institutes (Scotty Cameron, Callaway, etc.) are not providing in-person fittings at this time. 

TaylorMade (which is not included below) offers an impressive custom fitting experience at their state of the art facility in Carlsbad called The Kingdom--however they operate as invite-only. That being said, in the background we are putting feelers out to professionals in the industry to see if they have any pull with the organization. We will keep you posted if this becomes a viable option to consider!

Happy Browsing!

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 Club Fittings & Lessons: 


Overnight Play & Stay Experiences: