Gift Catalog for Charles and Sarah Greene

You are looking for the right present to gift and celebrate your clients, Charles and Sarah, after closing the sale of their San Francisco home. They have recently relocated to Dallas and you are hoping to offer a beautiful dining experience coupled with another lifestyle component that can be enjoyed in their day to day. Adventure seekers who also enjoy an evening of backgammon, they just as content on the sofa as they are on the top of Machu Picchu!

Having been wed recently, they have been gifted plenty of tabletop and linen items in recent months. Please note that we omitted these categories from our sourcing for the fear of redundancy, but would be happy to explore them should that feel like a more relevant route.

A couple of the our suggestions are at the very top of your budget, but we felt they were special enough to share.

See below for a few ideas celebrating their interests and personal style, we hope they inspire you!

Click on the cards below to read more about each item and see additional photos.



Home Decor:


Dallas Dining: