Perennial by Poppy Membership

A gifting membership offering a bulk discount on our One Perfect Gift service—with on-demand gifting services, any time throughout the year. Membership Fees start at $282 per month.

Perennial saves you time and money—eliminating multiple questionnaires and saving on service fees!

Here’s How it Works: First, we'll gather details about occasions on your calendar. Next, our team will curate a comprehensive catalog suited to a variety of potential giftees throughout the year. When the occasion calls, you select the perfect gift and our service takes care of gift procurement, quality assurance, gift wrapping, personal notecard writing, packing, and shipping to your gift recipient. 

Each catalog may have up to 10 occasion-based gift categories with a maximum of 8 gift recommendations in each category.

Membership Plans:

  1. 10 Services at 5% off of our One Perfect Gift service
  2. 25 Services at 10% off our our One Perfect Gift service
  3. 75 Services at 15% off our our One Perfect Gift service
  4. 150 Services at 20% off our our One Perfect Gift service

Membership Benefits Include: 

- One Comprehensive Catalog Suited to a Variety of Recipients and Occasions

- On-demand Gift Selection, Procurement, Gift Wrap, and Delivery

- Early Access & Exclusive Surprise & Delight Gifts 

- Speciality Gift Wrap

- 20% off all gifts in The Poppy Gift Shop

Billing: Service fees may be billed monthly, bi-annually, or annually. Please inquire with to request a membership with a monthly or bi-annual fee schedule. To confirm an annual payment schedule, you will be charged in full upon purchase of this product.  

Gift and shipping fees are charged on a rolling basis once your gift(s) is ready for your recipient(s). At this time, we will provide a digital invoice for the cost of the wrapping and packing materials, and shipping (standard shipping rates apply) to you. 

*To view all-in costs (with gifts and shipping fees), request a custom estimate form via 

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